Patrice Evra Made Homophobic Remarks Against PSG and Got Fined for It


Patrice Evra, the former Manchester United, Marseille, and Monaco left-back has been fined by a Paris court for having made homophobic statements in 2019.

After the victory of Manchester United over PSG, Evra made an insulting homophobic remark on Snapchat about PSG. He said that they are all ‘f**gots’ and that it is the place where men talk.

Stop Homophobie and Civil Associations Mousse decided to sue the former footballer and accused Patrice Evra of public insult regarding a group of people due to their sexual orientation.

Jerome Boursican, the lawyer of Evra said that his client didn’t want to harm the homosexual community and stressed that the remarks had been regarding PSG and recalled that Evra apologized the day following the controversy had become viral.

Me Etienne Deshoulieres are the legal representatives of Stop Homophobie and Mousse claimed in a statement that the homophobic comments from someone like Patrice Evra fuel violence and hatred against LGBT people, especially in countries where is represented criminal as in Senegal, the place where Patrice Evra is from.

According to reports, Evra had been handed a fine of €1000 and had been ordered to pay €1500 in damage to both civil associations and also €1000 for the proceeding’s costs.

Evra made a statement that at least 2 players in each club are gay. The former defender of Manchester United previously unveiled this in an interview.

He said that some of his teammates mentioned that it is against his religion, and in case there is a homosexual in the dressing room, he needs to leave the club. He at that point asked everyone to shut up.

Evra said that it is hard to imagine that he has played with players who are homosexuals. They opened up to him, one after the other since they were afraid to talk about it otherwise.