Patrice Evra may Switch back to Old Trafford but in Different Position

Even if Patrice Evra switches back to his old home Old Trafford, he will have a different role this time as the bosses at United want his contribution only off the field and not on it.

Evra’s coaching services have been sought by the Red Devils’ top brass, but, the Frenchman has not given a nod to it yet.

The reason Evra has not committed to this new offer on the table is the uncertainty that he is in regarding his playing career.

The veteran defender can’t quite make up his mind if it’s the right time for him to stop playing and start helping the emerging younger generation.

Even though he is comfortably past his best, he still finds himself to be chased by some clubs who want to have him as a player; West Ham for example is after him.

Even from Manchester United’s viewpoint, it’s really surprising that they want Evra to join the support staff only and not the playing group as he can add significant value to the inconsistent backline of theirs, particularly to the left side of the backline where nobody has established himself yet this season.

Luke Shaw had the first crack at it, but, then he fell out with the manager who accused him of making his small injury look like a major one to remain away from a match and after that fall-out, the 21-year old has not spent that much of time on the pitch.

The Blind-Darmain duo has had their share of opportunities as left-back of late, but, those two have not been up to the mark either. So that is still a concerning area for United and Evra, could easily have been a temporary solution to that, at least for the second half of the season.