The Italy boss, Antonio Conte, is a bit disappointed that the battle in the top flight Football in the country has been one sided this season. Juventus is on its way to clinch the trophy for the fourth successive time. The closest to them is Roma which is trailed by as many as 11 points.

Conte himself was in charge of Juventus till the previous season before leaving to take over at the national team. Conte’s exit has not made any difference to the play of Juventus. They have been equally clinical or maybe even more in the ongoing season.

According to Conte, it’s the mentality of the Juventus players which makes them the Champions. They are a matured side that knows how to win.

Speaking to a newspaper the other evening, the 45-year old said, “They (Juventus) have been the dominants in Italy and they are only getting better. At the moment, I cannot see a team which can give them a close run and trump them as far as the League is concerned. If they are playing then you really should have a bet on the match. They are absolutely cruising presently.”

“For Italian Football as a whole, it’s not such a great thing. The league has to be a bit more competitive. You want the title fight to go into the last couple of weeks of the season. But, unfortunately, it’s not the case. One team seems to be in some other zone and the others have not been able to catch up.”

“However, you must give Juve the due credit. They are the deserving no. 1. Their mentality is brilliant. They do not take any of their games lightly. There is no contentment whatsoever. They are always looking for more and more wins and that’s why, they have been this consistent.”