Former United left-back Pratice Evra together with the current lad occupying that position has been called out by Sam Thompson for chatting up his girlfriend Zara McDermott on Instagram.

Like the average insecure Instagram model’s boyfriend, Thompson in a video, revealed he had checked up McDermott’s DM probably in hopes of finding that one thing he usually denies.

Exposing the extracurricular engagements of the average professional footballer, the Made in Chelsea star did at least have enough sense of humor in passing across his message.

Citing that Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount are his current heroes at Stamford Bridge, the thot patrol wondered why those duo weren’t messaging his girlfriend. Adding, cheek-in-tongue, that he would be honored to at least chat with them through her DM.

In all of this though, he never questioned why she didn’t straight-up block them as the “faithful” girlfriend she supposed to be.

The 27-year-old started dating Zara this summer but has failed to realize the Patrice Evra episode might just be tip of the iceberg of what actually goes on in his girlfriend’s DM.

Whether it is how footballers get them off or not, at least the laws of nature have made it perfectly clear for any one that listens: men in position of power will always step on toes of their fellow men for a woman’s sake.

John Terry did it to his own team when he slept with Wayne Bridge’s during their time at Chelsea and Wayne Rooney also has his own cheating record well documented.

Patrice Evra is well and retired but involving in any cheating scandal, no matter how powerful he may be, seems more than unnecessary.

For Brandon Williams, one who is being recently touted to be the first kid in a decade to properly replace the French man, focusing on his career will do him more good than harm.