Patrice Evrawants Paul Pogba to step it up

Paul Pogba continues to attract the attention of all the major clubs from around the world. In these past few weeks, there have been offers being launched for the young Frenchman in the region of €50 million and it has even increased further than that as managers want to secure the services of Pogba into their respective squads.

The 22 year old French player Paul Pogba joined Juventus back in July of 2012 and Patrice Evra believes that the youngster needs to step it up as he still hasn’t made a true impact in the Italian outfit despite having joined the club over 3 years ago.

Patrice Evra told reporters: “The younger players must understand that Juve want to win, always.”Pogba wants to be decisive and I told him that he’s not a youngster anymore and has already been at Juve for four years. He has to provide the breakthrough during difficult games.”

Pogba is only 22 years old and he is already being hailed to be the new ZinedineZidane of France and the media is building up so much which has increased the value of the player. There is no doubt that Pogba is a brilliant and promising young figure but Juventus has placed a price for him of at least €70 million.

At the beginning of the summer transfer window MassimilianoAllegri stated that he would be willing to allow Paul Pogba but only if the price is right, however, reports are now suggesting and claiming that Allegri has turned Pogba into an untransferable player as he has already received incredibly high offers but has rejected all of them.

Evra wants to see Pogba develop into the player that all of the media and expectations have turned him into as this can help Juventus to continue their dominance in Italy and win their 5th successive Italian league title.