Patrice Evra Reveals Why He Took Poo In Gerard Pique’s Shoes While Paired With Manchester United Together

Patrice Evra who is now 37-year-old claimed that it was a payback on the Spanish international after he had revealed his own league. Patrice Evra from the Manchester United team and one of its legends have made the sensational claim that he took a POO within former teammate Gerard Pique’s shoes. The Frenchman has insisted that it was a payback for a prank that the center back of Barcelona had made when raising his revenge.

Evra spent two and a half years with Pique at Old Trafford and it was the year 2006-2008 before Spain left to reunite the Catalan giants. And the ex-Les Bleus star certainly gave him a farewell gift to remember to ward off in his boots. Pique, who is 31 years old, previously admitted to putting fire on a pair of tailored boots of the Euro.

The winner of the World Cup said: “Patrice showed up on a day with some boots that he had asked Nike to do for him for months.”He had the names of his children written on them and a few other details. It is very close to him. I went to the showers, made a small fire and burned them.” But Evra did not see the funny side of the accident and went one step further as it was revealed when he spoke of hit Sky One, showing his own league.

The 37-year-old said, “They burn my coach. It was not funny; it was actually Gerard Pique – and what I have done with him. “I took his shoes and went into the toilet and I’m *** inside them.” Evra is currently a free – agent when his short-term contract in West Ham expired in the summer.