Patrice Evra: Not Red Devils’ Best Game


Patrice Evra could not agree to the fact that Manchester United has displayed great play through the entire game against Tottenham Hotspur claimed by Bruno Fernandes. The match was declared a draw with the score 1-1. It was a slow start for Manchester United against their four top rival oppositions at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and they got a goal down every match at 27 minutes of the game. Steven Bergwijn, the Tottenham winger, has put the name of the host in front and said David de Gea gave a strong effort, but failed to reach out to a powerful hand and ultimately fluttered to his own goal.

Post-match, Bruno Fernandes said that the Red Devils always come with a thought to win every match they play, same as the game against Tottenham Hotspur, and the outcome has been a positive one. He added that the entire team has done well, although it was a tough game. Manchester United started off well by keeping all the ideas in mind, but they were counter-attacked and the goal came from the opposition. He said that his team had scored, but they had a lot more chances to score in the match. The time that they got was not enough for them and they really want to win every game.

Patrice Evra could not relate to what the Portugal international claimed after the match. Evra said that he simply could not agree to the statement made by the national football player of Portugal. Rather he thinks Manchester United showed better skills after half-time, but they had plenty of chances in the first half as well. Though Patrice Evra disagreed with Bruno’s claim, he said the Portuguese are his choice for man of the match. Patrice was quite impressed with his performance and he has started to like him as a football player.